Who Should Be Tested for HIV and How Often?

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If you are sexually active, you should be tested for HIV. There's no excuse now, one you want you can go to a health care provider, you can go to an AIDS service organization like GHMC and get it done for free, and you can now go into your local pharmacy and buy an Oraquick Rapid HIV test, no blood involved, you swap the inside of your mouth, you get those results in 20 minutes.

So, really there's no excuse now for you not to get tested whether you're a gay men or not, if you're sexually active, male, female, transgender, you should be tested for HIV. Many people come in and they say, but I'm married, or I'm in a monogamy relationship. But you know what I say? You may be in a monogamous relationship but maybe they aren't.

So you should get tested at least once a year, but I recommend strongly every three to six months if you're sexually active.