Where is the Future of HIV/AIDS Research Headed?

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Well I think there's many ways to look at what AID research is looking at, one, yes of course we'd love to have a vaccine, the vaccine trials that were initially planned, failed, they're still working on vaccines. I think a vaccine will be the key to see how we can prevent people from contracting HIV but we'd also learn about people who have HIV and how we can maybe cure it, so with the vaccine, I think calms the idea of curing it for the first time.

There's always tons of research going into medications, initially in the 80s, they had one drug, one class and that was ACT, that evolved and now there are different classes of drugs that target different parts of the cell production, so you have to understand that HIV infects your cell, takes over the host cell machinery and starts making its own protein, HIV protein and that's how it spreads throughout your body.

So HIV medication targets different parts of that cycle, now not only do we have one class, we have many classes and even in the last few years, we've had brand new classes so that we don't have to use older drugs that have a lot more side effects, that have a lot more pills, that have to be taken more times a day.

So yes there're many pharmaceutical companies that're researching on treatment and looking at new ways to target the life cycle. There are pharmaceutical companies that are looking at a vaccine but I have to say that for the first time, in maybe 10 years when a patient asks me, do I think there will be a vaccine and there will be a cure? I say, yes I think, I think there will be a cure in my lifetime and I never ever would have thought that I first went into HIV treatment 15 years ago.