How Can HIV Be Prevented?

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We know condoms work, people don't always use condoms, so what do we do? Well there's something called HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis and governor Koma just talked about it, he supports it, the FDA supports it and that is taking Truvada which is one pill a day if you are HIV negative to prevent you from contracting HIV.

The recommendation is that you still use condoms, but by taking this one pill a day everyday it will reduce the risk of acquiring HIV if you are exposed to it. Now there are a lot of people that are against it, I think it's not a silver bullet it's not the magic pill that we are waiting for, but I think it's a great thing to have in our arsenal to prevent people and the spread of HIV 50, 000 UKs each year we are doing something more, and it's nice to know that the food and doctorg administration as well as the government is supporting it.