Why Telehealth Is Good for Healthcare

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Absolutely essential I think. We have our first let's be honest 20% of the populations in rural area telemedicine is going to be key to getting them high quality healthcare, we've had a difficulty and we'll never overcome it of getting high quality practitioners to practise in rural areas.

It's just not that likely that you're going to get any super talented doctor [xx] in North Dakota or South Dakota. Nothing against North Dakota or South Dakota but there's no community of practitioners, it's harder, telemedicine is going to be key and it's going to be key even in urban areas because just take one of the big shortages in America is dermatologists, with a smartphone you can take a picture to have a rash, send it to a dermatologist, they don't have a need to see you to be able to diagnose that rash in many many cases, it's going to happen.

Another company that does web based house course a lot of stuff can be done over the web, not all of it, but they've established web based house calls in Seattle and 3/4 of what they see over the web, can be handled over the web, well a 1/4 can, but you've already [xx] a lot of it using basically telemedicine.

So I see that as another growth area, like everything else, we're going to have to figure out how to use it appropriately and not inappropriately.