What Changes Do You Foresee for the Future of Healthcare?

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Well the future is definitely going to be more team based care. In the current system, doctors are doing a lot of things that they don't have to do. Nurses are doing a lot of things that someone without a nursing degree can do and this sort of what's called touche thing is going to be important plus there is plenty of things that doctors are really good at and funny things are not so hotsy-tatsy and that someone else in the system might be able to do better.

So I think figuring out who the right person is to interface with the patient both from a clinical standpoint and a caring standpoint and a fiscal standpoint is going to be key, so without a doubt the future holds two things. One is we are going to move out of the hospital and move out of the doctors office and move out of really the four walls of the healthcare system much more into the community.

People are going to be monitored at home wirelessly. They are going to get a lot of care at the neighborhood pharmacy and lots of other facilities just around where they live and similarly they're going to be cared for by lots of different people not all from are doctors or nurses, but many of who contribute to the health care environment: Nutritionists, pharmacist, are just community health care workers rehabilitation people and I think you're going to see a lot more of that coming into the home rather than being given in facilities.