What Makes Meals on Wheels Different Compared to Other Food Supplying Organizations?

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Often times people wonder why can't you work with the food bank, why can't you take advantage of other programs like SNAP, which is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps. The unique place that Meals on Wheels plays in this hunger continuum is that we focus largely if not entirely on home bound seniors who cannot get out of their home, cannot grocery shop and cannot prepare their own meals.

We work really hard to help people get out of their homes and get to more social settings like a congregate setting, where the meals are delivered and prepared. But most people need considerable assistance even to get there. That's the unique sweet spot if you will for meals on wheels.

All the other organizations play a very critical role Feeding America, Share Our Strength, but no other organization focuses on this home bounded hungry seniors that Meals on Wheels does, and that's the unique role that they play.