What Else Can This Nation Do to Help Its Seniors?

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Well I think there are a number of things, but one in particular is we need to provide a voice for our home bound and hungry seniors who don't have the ability to march on Washington and say don't forget about me, I'm here and I need your help. I was here for you, would you be here for me? So, one is to amplify their voice and to really make sure that their needs are represented.

I think secondly is to help promote the business case from Meals on Wheels, the more that we can help people stay in their own homes, the healthier our communities will be, the stronger our communities will be, the mass who are paying taxes, and the faster their economy will improve we'll get out of this deficit because we won't be spending quite so much money on healthcare costs.

We view Meals on Wheels as part of the healthcare continuum, and it enables seniors to stay healthy and independent in their own homes. That's ultimately what we all want, we all want that choice. Nobody wants to end up being in an hospital if we don't have to. Ultimately you and I pay the cost of that, so it just makes complete sense from a business stand point and I hope individuals will see that.

And then obviously volunteer, donate to your local Meals on Wheels program or contact us and ask how you can help, but there are three things on Capital Hill right now that could use attention. Number one is the Older Americans Act, which is the Act that provides funding for Senior Nutrition Programs like Meals on Wheels has not been reauthorized for two and a half years, we have the option to do that but our elected officials need to hear from us, that that's important to do, that's number one.

Number two is there are programs for other vulnerable populations that have been exempted from sequester. Meals on Wheels has not, yet hopefully I've conveyed the social and the business case for why it makes sense. We need to exempt programs like Meals on Wheels from sequester. And finally we're in the process right now of fiscal year 14 and trying to figure out what the budget is going to be for next year.

I mentioned earlier that the pace of funding, available funding, has not kept pace with inflation and the changing demographic. We need to make sure that we're investing in these programs because ultimately they're going to make a huge difference to our economy and to our own individual lives.