What Are Some Myths About Meals on Wheels and the Seniors It Serves?

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I think there are a number of myths. One in particular is that if you have the financial means you can't possibly be struggling with hunger, that's one. And hunger knows no bounds. If I just was released from a hospital and I don't have someone to take care of me, I may not be able to prepare a meal or to get out.

So meals-on-wheels in that case could be a transitional opportunity but the myth is I have the money therefore I shouldn't go hungry. Another is your physical appearance, we call it the nutrition obesity paradox and it's I may look hardy as if I'm eating well and nourished when in fact I have a disease called sarcopenia which is the loss of protein in my body where I'm eating high cooked but unhealthy non-nutricious and I'm still at risk from many of the ailments that will put me right back into the hospital or into a nursing home or long term care facility.

Another myth is I may live in an urban setting, in a city certainly I don't have any need for food, I can just walk out of my house and in fact I can't walk out of my house. So these are all several myths that I think that we all kind of contemplate that if you fit this therefore you can't be hungry and we call it the hidden hunger or the silent epidemic.