Were There Any Surprises As You Traveled Around the Nation Delivering Meals on Wheels?

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I think what touched me the most was the trust that has been established between the Meals on Wheels deliver, volunteer or staff person and the recipient. I was welcomed in people's homes that never met me because I knocked on the doors and said I'm from Meals on Wheels. I had people that I couldn't imagine would allow me to come in their homes and didn't want me to leave, they wanted to have a conversation.

I was invited to stay for half an hour for an hour, every time I tried to get up to leave the person did not I want me to leave. So we say it's more than a meal, it is that social connection in that visit and it was very difficult for me to leave some of those folks and I knew that there were other people that were waiting for me to deliver but yet I knew the difference that I was making in the day to day life of that person.