How Does the Fiscal Crisis Impact Organizations Meals on Wheels?

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Well most recently, people, know the term sequester which was a arbitrary crossboard cut of about 5.1% for programs like Meals on Wheels, that translated into a $51 million reduction in 2013 alone and that would be a recurring reduction over the next eight years unless Meals on Wheels programs are exempted.

So it's considerable because at the same time that small amount which in the Federal government only contributes about 0.02% of the total federal budget, that 51 million can buy quite a few meals, so the question is when we know that we are only able to feed right now 2.5 million seniors in terms of providing them with meals, and we know that there are 8.3 million who are hungry, that's a huge gap, that 51 million means that we have to find that money some place else.