How Does Proper Nutrition Keep Healthcare Costs Down?

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Well we know that probably 50% of the folks that are in hospitals today already suffer from malnourishment and so not only is it a precursor to any northern hospital but being hungry and malnourished also impedes your ability to heal more quickly and to recover, so it's on both ends, it's a wise preventative, opportunity to provide nutritious meals to seniors certain age because it'll keep them of out of hospitals, and it's also a wonderful way to facilitate someone recovering from having being in the hospital.

For what it cost to be in the hospital for one day, we can feed a senior Meals on Wheels for an entire year, for what it cost to be in a nursing home for six days, we can provide Meals on Wheels for a senior for an entire year, so it's an incredible return on investment whether it's preventative or in response to a healthy emergency to help facilitate someone's recovery.