How Can We Help America's Elderly?

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Well, we'll like to say that Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal. In fact what I think meals on wheels stand out versus other alternatives to getting meals are it's not just a daily delivery of a nutritious meal, but it's a social connection is a friendly visit, it's a safety check, and I think it's that sort of bundle of care that is provided through Meals and Wheals that really makes the difference because for many of the seniors we serve, it's the only visit off they will get from across, the only social connection they will have in a day.

Well it's an interesting organization and it's made up of a number of programs which are the senior nutrition programs in the field and the communities that actually go out and deliver meals to home bound and hungry seniors. So our organization provides an opportunity for them to amplify their voice, to raise awareness about the issue of senior hunger in America.

To try to provide resources so that they can so their jobs better, to provide the leadership and conduct research so that we better understand the issue that we're trying to address. I can't believe in the richest country in the world we have the issue, we have a senior hunger 8.3 million seniors struggle with hunger today, that's one seven and the problem is dire and it's just getting worse, and we should be able to solve this issue, we have the infrastructure in place with local programs that have the trust and the social connections to be able to go into folks' home and help them prepare or deliver a nutritious meal, but we simply don't have the financial resources.

The alternative is, is that people end up going to hospitals when they don't need to, and ending up hospitalized when long time care facilities which far more costly from medicated medicare, then it would be simply to provide a meal. So for a small investment in Meals on Wheels, we will save exorbitant cause in terms of healthcare and reduce and medicate medicare and nursing health expenses, it's a no briar.

We need to provide a voice for our home bound and hungry seniors who don't have the ability to march on Washington and say don't forget about me, I'm here and I need your help, I was here for you, would you be here for me? Regardless of whether you are senior or not, there are many people who are hungry and we are not even scratching the surface.

My only concern is as a representative The Meals and Wheels Association is that we cannot declare victory yet, if there are only 2.5 million seniors that were serving today and we know that there is a need of a minimum of 8.3 million, we haven't declared victory. I don't feel we solved our mission we have addressed mission until we recognize that we need to do something to focus on that group..