Where Does Informatics Fit into Personalized Medicine?

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As we talked about the consumer being empowered and the personal health record being the repository for all clinical information about you as the individual, we're also learning more and more details about how patients will respond to care. When we understand their genomics, and their proteomics, and their breathomics as I mentioned,

you can start to customize the care, and when you marry that with analytics, and you see thousands of patients that have similar circumstances, you can start to identify the new answer to the care, where some people respond to a particular food allergy, and there's a group of them that also have pulmonary disease or have other diseases.

When you start to refine the understanding of the disease entity itself, you can start to personalize their care and give them the best care, because thousands of other patients responded to a medication with that diseases similarity. So, it's actually going to be much better care for the individual because we will be able to customize their care based on the the knowledge that we have.