Where Are We with Integrating Health Technology?

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Well historically, I mean we didn't have informatics. We didn't have computers supporting health care, and if you look at the United States, there's still about 80, 60, 80% of physician offices that are still dependent on paper systems. Even in the hospitals, at least 50 % of the workflows based on paper systems, and so we're not very far along.

Now that said, the incentives from health and human services, and meaningful use and the adoption of health IT, the last couple of years have accelerated that adoption, significantly, doubled it. And so we have now about 40% penetrance into the healthcare world where computers are used routinely.

And on that historically most of the computer systems that have been used in the past were for billing purposes, administrative data, how you pay for the care. And that was based on an incentive model of paying for diseases are lucky enough to actually diagnose the right disease or procedures.

What we need to move toward is a model of paying for quality outcomes of care. And so computers can actually help us understand what quality is so that we can actually measure outcomes whether or not a patient is getting better with their disease, or diabetes etc.