What Do You Hope for in Medical Technology for the Future?

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Well you mentioned bio-sensors and we mentioned all these ohms that are out there. And if you look at the environmental impact to individuals, whether it's pollutants or it's radio activity or whatever it is. I believe that we will have a pervasive knowledge network of the environment around us and the exposures that we have.

And we will be able to instruct ourselves on what could have an ill effect or otherwise. Now you could take that to the extreme, and if you're really nervous, if you're OCD germs, you could be somebody that doesn't want plan to go out in public and you don't want to be exposed to anything, so there's sort of the balance between managing what's best for you based on the ill effects of the environment or the disease predisposition you have based on your genomics and the other balance of that is, your immune system needs to be challenged, so you build immunizations to other germs and viruses etc.

And so you need a balance of the two, so that we don't kill ourselves off trying to be too sterile.