What Are the Challenges to Adopting New Technology in Healthcare?

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Well we actually [xx] went through this, we were one of the earlier doctors 12, 14 years ago of electronic medical records and when I was operating and chief of surgery at the local medical center, they implemented the electronic record computer patient record system and what we all recognize is this was a disruption of our workflow.

We were using paper and now we had to go to electronic systems. Well what's interesting over that time period with the training. You discover that the access to all the relevant clever information is at your fingertips. And then you identify that the workflow improvements are that you've instant access to that data.

So when I was an intern I had to go down to the X-ray department, down to the medical records department. I had to go physically find all the information I needed gather it up so I can make smart decisions. Now with the implementation of the electronic medical record the access is very quick.

So then the hard part is the data entry. Well you can stream by developing methods of templating, dictation, easy entry, using allied health professionals to enter information so over time, you actually discover that it's more efficient to have access to the electronic record than the workflow you had before, and I lived it and I dealt with it.