How Does Digitizing the Healthcare System Help?

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When you asked the question about digitizing the healthcare arena, a lot of people would say, well that sounds very computerized and robotic and impersonal. What Informatics is or Information System supporting healthcare should be or digitizing, should be all about supporting the work flow, and so you want your clinicians, your physicians, your nurses, your allied health professionals to still use their knowledge and their experience to make very smart decisions working with their patients and not just dictating what their patients care would be but working as a team, and so to digitize the information means that you can leverage that information to help you make smarter decisions there are 2000 more meds coming on the market about every year and there are many many more diagnosis in complex studies and understanding diagnosis every year.

No single human being can keep track of all those things, and so we need information systems like every other industry to help us, have access to the data, to make smarter decisions and to actually as NIH has been discovering as you can do predictive modelling. Once you have an understanding of a patient's disease and their predispositions for disease based on genomics, you can actually predict what their outcome can be in over the next 10 or 20 years.

And then we can also have a feedback loop of understanding, it's a knowledge learning loop where you actually learn from the treatment of people with certain diseases and thousands of them and then you learn what works.