Are We Over Reliant on Medical Technology?

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It's been my hope and purpose to help define systems that actually fit directly in the work flow, so that as you're taking care of patients and you're using radio frequency ID, the information systems are tracking your work flow automatically. And through voice recognition, I can dictate and speak to the patient which is interpreted as the episode of care and the patient provider dialogue.

And right now, we're in this balance where the technology is very heavy and not very fluid and not very seamless in our workflow. I woo the day when I can just take care of the patient like I used to, where I would perform a history in physical exam. I'm a surgeon, and trained in informatics, and I know that if we can reach the point where we can actually take care of patients and the information systems actually worth the science and track that information along that path then we can actually be more hands on and make it more personal.