Are We Becoming a Healthier Society?

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In the United States, that's a definite. So, where the balance between technology making you lazy, and technology making you smarter to be healthier, and I think what we've discovered with the fitbits in some of the monitoring tools is when you start to put the technology into a feedback loop of the game, and so gaming informatics, we can call this, is were people are looking at their smartphones daily for email and communication where we're very addicted to dialog with our friends or social networking.

We're addicted to our email and we're addicted to information on the web. We're also addicted to the tracking of how many steps you make in a day day and what number of calories you eat in a day, and when you start to merry up the smart phone with the tracking capability and our addiction to what that trend is, I think we will see a obesity drop, where we are seeing that our calorie intake is off the charts and our health is going to be worse.