Are There Issues of Privacy and Control of the Electronic Medical Records?

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Well interestingly there's the law that the patient does have full control of their record already. The law is already in place. It turns out that it's just a matter of culture and ownership by the providers and the insurance companies where they want to keep control of those records.

And they do for a good reason. I'm not suggesting that the people that use the electronic systems don't have control over their data. They use that as a tool, is just that that data needs to be open and accessible by the patient, and securely, and privately, and it's actually a misnomer that security is poor with an electronic environment.

Paper records are much more open and stealable than electronic records. And what I mean by that is you can actually audit and track those that have access to your electronic record and so you can identify them. Now in this world of hackers, and people penetrating electronic systems at every level, that's going to be a challenge.

But the banking industry has a very secure environment and everybody's relatively comfortable with that model until a hacker gets in, but the point being is the security and the privacy will improve over time. So the security services for electronic health records will continue to get better and stronger.