How Bioinformatics Can Create Better Health Consumers

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A smart health consumer ought to be somebody that's very empowered to actually take control of their health like getting other market in the industry. A smart health consumer is somebody that actually look to see where they can get the best care, where they can develop the best relationships with their clinical theme, where they can actually get coverage for payment of their care, and where they can actually shop for the best possible care they can get.

And so, we need the information system to actually support how to define what quality is and what the cost of care is. Bioinformatics is more of the basic sciences of informatics[sp?]. How information, knowledge data can be generated into a useful meaningful information system, and so bioinformatics is simply the basic sciences of informatics[sp?] computers supporting health care.

Historically, we didn't have informatics[sp?], we didn't have computers supporting healthcare, and so we have now about 40% penetrance into the health care world where computers are used routinely. Most of the computer systems that have been used in the past were for billing purposes.

Computers can actually help us understand what quality is, so that we can actually measure outcomes. You want your clinicians, your physician, your nurses, your online help professionals to still use their knowledge and their experience can make a very smart decisions working with their patients.

And so to digitize the information means that you can leverage that information to help you make smarter decisions. And the advantages is we can possibly as clinicians keep track of everything about diseases, new medications, drug allergy, drug duplication that occur, and the other advantage is anytime you work with a paper it's a very slow process we want to use computers to actually enhance our work flow.

So, we need to leverage technology like every other industry has in the history of time. We need to leverage technology for healthcare more than any other industry because if we do not become more efficient and manage, and provide the highest quality of care to our citizens, we will continue on the psycho of bankruptcy with healthcare delivery.

Any innovation that we came up with even the cellphone had one thing in common. It improved the quality of life for humans on the planet. What better quality improvement is there than healthcare or health itself. And I know if we can reach the point where we can actually take care of patients and the information systems actually work besides us, and tract that information along that path then we can actually be more hands on and make it more personal.

We really are in that paradigm of healthcare delivery, very primitive paradigm. We need to move toward a healthy society. If we get to the point where people are keenly interested in a healthier society, and employers are incentivising a healthy work force, we will have the strongest society in the history of time.

We've already had a pretty good run the last hundred years and the United States. But, if we had a healthier society globally, we would see changes in industries and opportunities like we've never seen before.