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What is Biologically Inspired Engineering?

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Biologically inspired engineering is essentially leveraging natures design principles to develop your engineering innovations. So it's not a specific technique, it's really approach. There's being work in the past in biomimicry where you might say abalone shell, is incredibly strong let's try to mimick that, we do that.

We have in the next bench, we have artificial insect cuticle, which is made with FDA approved materials and we're able to put them together in ways that effectively make a sort of plywood type materials, made of the materials that come from shrimp shells and silk. We call it shrilck, but it has the strength of aluminum, but at half the weight, and it's bio-compatible and biodegradable and FDA approved in terms of its components.

And so you could think of making very strong artificial tendons or water bottles that degrade on their own. That's bio.