Science and Technology Has a New Perspective

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Well first off, the institute really takes a new perspective, so we basically say, we look back at bio engeneering instead it has transformed the world, it's given pacemakers instead, some drugs delivery systems and give them plans, but it was really technology push trying to basically take engineering principal trying to solve medical problems, and we were trying to think where is science and engineering going.

Now we look around and we saw that all of my peers, we're not limited by any discipline, I'm publishing in physics journals this is publishing in biology journals. The department of chemistry at Harvard is called Chemical biology computer scientists are integrated in medicine and what's happened is we've also began to uncover how nature works down to the nano meter scale and all.

And so we think the future is one where rather than taking engineering trying to solve medical problems that we are going to leverage biological design principles, to develop new engineering innovations and that's what we call biologically inspired engineering. So the mission really is to continue on that path to uncover how nature builds and really the heart of the engineers leveraging that to basically develop bio inspired materials and devices that would essentially transform health care, but also have great impact in the non medical world, energy, architecture, we felt medicine and biology at scale together for 300 years but manufacturing aero space bio-energy, not being impact in a big way, bio-energy is just beginning to move along in that path, and so we are really trying to bring together a community of people that can work across disciplines, not only to take biology impact on our medical, but we really believe that people working in different areas different questions are going to come around with different solutions, different approached, and if they are communicate, they will feed back and forth, and this is absolutely happened already.