Can Research Lab Partner with Pharmaceutical Companies to Effectively Make New Drugs?

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We hire people from industry who are from pharmaceutical industry. They understand what the problem is. We're developing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and partnerships really we're collaborating with the FDA because they fund us. So they are aware of what we're doing. They don't what to see things like this happen.

The pharmaceutical insurance want to see this happen and so we are kind of trying in between listen to what the challenge is all and the worries are from both sides, but we develop collaborations with pharmaceutical industries. They know the problem better than anybody, they know what benchmark for success is.

If they are using an animal model right now to get to a clinical trial, can we do better? All we need to do is do what they do and be simpler cheaper and with unit sales it's an advance but if we can predict things that couldn't have happened and that's happening already. We predicted that breathing will change absorption of nano therapeutic nanoparticles and we confirmed that in animal models.

No one ever knew that. and we are seeing that with drug side effects that the breathing motions are critical, no one never knew that before. So already we can see that these can allow us to predict. By partnering with pharmaceutical companies will also be developing a confidence in the technology.

We're also trying to off scale manufacturing now so that, if we formed a company tomorrow and we couldn't keep up with the need, we'd be a failure.