What Is the Most Critical Medical Issue Americans Face?

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All amongst diseases, obviously, this concerns me the most because it has a direct relationship, and the second thing that concerns me the most is addictive behavior. Between those two we can say 95% of the illness. Addictive behavior because addictive behavior leads to drug use, it leads to promiscuous sex, it leads to, you know, other kinds of behaviors that predispose and why is some saw such a deep desperate addictive society, you know, we're addicted not only to drugs, we're addicted to melodrama, we're addicted to cynical mistrust, we are addicted to food, we are addicted to census gratification in all its avenues because we have a void.

When you eat something is, one is you're hungry, the other is, there's some other hunger that's not being addressed, we don't look at that other hunger. The spiritual hunger, the emotional hunger, the hunger of living in a society where you feel disconnected because it's not the tradition of family structure as it used to be, a high divorce rate, you know, people with multiple families, multiple brothers and sisters, half brothers, half sisters, a country that is at war all the time for the last 100 years.

This country we've been at war, so I think the big pictures actually has to look at everything from sustainability, to social justice, to economics, to violence in our cities.

It's actually a holistic picture.

That's a holistic picture.

So, let me ask you.

Peaceful, justice, sustainable, healthy, happy society is a holistic goal to have.