What Is the Future of Health and Medicine?

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I'm very optimistic about healthcare in America, I'm very optimistic about the health of our country. I see it already, I see childhood obesity rates in many areas starting to flatten out because kids are beginning to understand and their parents, this is their deal, they got to address it, and instead of being the Achilles tendon of the American society, they need to actually be the backbone for our nation.

If they lead a healthier life, they will keep them, not only in good shape physically, but also avoid healthcare expenses down the road. I also love the fact that we're getting smarter in medicine. More is not better anymore, we've been through that, the pendulum is switching, it's swinging back away from more invasive, more expensive approaches to less invasive, a way of taking care of problems.

Sometimes not addressing it at all surgically, other times using devices that can afford us a better quality of life, so we get pumped first or it can be turned into food for existence. So I see lots of improvements and fundamentally personalized medicine will allow us to avoid all the natural, typical errors that occur, when I use a one-size-fits-all approach.

In many ways it's going back to the future, it's appreciating that the true value of a healer is sometimes conveyed with the way they hold your hand, not with the way they hold the scapel. It's understanding at a very deep level that what you're really seeking is not an operation it's an opinion, and so I do think American medicine is becoming a bit wiser.

We've gone through a phase where we thought, you know what penicillin cures, veneral disease, I'll give you a bigger penicillin if you have a bigger problem. It's now become pretty clear to all of us that more is not better.