What Is the Future of Health and Medicine?

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I would think we're at a crossroads right now so I can't predict what's going to happen. My hope is that we'll use the best technology to make early diagnosis to address those 5% of people who have genetic mutations that cannot be of the 100 genes involving as almost only four are completely deterministic, the rest you can improve through lifestyle.

Okay, so identify the 5% of genetic mutations and address them through the right molecular biology, look at personalized medicine and then dip it through technology, but this is not going to solve the problem. So our problem is we all need to be more loving, more compassionate, more aware and more consciously making choices.

And being a little little less selfish. Dean Ornish often speaks of this Indian guru, he might not talk about it on television but his guru used to say what's the difference between illness and wellness? Underneath circle I in illness and W E in wellness, the differences instead of I it's we.

The more you think in terms of we the more calm your mind will be, as long as I'm always thinking about myself I'm always stressed, that's the cause of all the stress in the world. Too much self importance, too much self concern, too much self absorption. And frequently people in the spiritual world are accused of that but if you really understand spirituality, it's going from the I into the we, it's the domain of awareness where we experience our universality and I think that ultimately that's the only solution.