What Is Synchrodestiny?

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I am very intrigued by spiritual traditions talking about meaningful coincidences or depending on the context, you know, in religions, people say I was lucky, or they say God was on my side, or they say it was a stage of grace. Or if there are new age they say that there were lots of meaningful coincidences, or I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I think synchrodestiny is the word I coined, where you use that to your advantage where good luck means opportunity meeting preparedness. So you need to have two or three things happening, you need to notice things that happen in your life that are out of the ordinary in our spiritual traditions say something happens that broke statistical boundaries and that is what happened to me, I saw patience break statistical predictions.

Okay, so something unpredictable happens I equate unpredictability as creativity because life is predictable, if a system is predictable there is still creativity in it. So seize that moment of unpredictability ask yourself, instead of asking what's the problem, ask what's the opportunity? Look at the meanings the context in the stories you're telling yourself and re write the story, I do a lot of course and this it will come as a spiritual experience for them and basically teach them how to be creative more than anything else.