What Is Holistic Healing?

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The way I'm looking at it with other people, is the limits of Holistic Healing start with everything external. Okay, career well-being, if you hate your job, 36% of people die on Monday morning at 9 O'clock because they hate their jobs. Career and unhappiness with career is a big cause of illness.

So I work with Gallup. I'm senior scientist with Gallup. We look at, we ask people one question, do you enjoy what you're doing everyday? Only 20% can say I do. Okay, are you using your strength everyday? Only 20% can say I do. Do you enjoy the person you work with? If your supervisor ignores you, your rate of disengagement goes up by 45%, and you get sick, sooner or later.

If he doesn't or she doesn't ignore you, but actually criticizes you, you get better. It falls to 20% because you'd rather be criticized than ignored, knowing you exist. Humans have a deep need for attention. On the other hand if he notices your strengths, and we have a way of actually figuring out what your strengths are, putting you in the right seat at the right place in the bus, your disengagement goes up to less than 1%, your health improves, and your immune system takes a boost.

Now nobody looks at that, social well-being. How many people do you engage with that you trust everyday? Do you have friends that you can rely on? In fact, if you want lose weight, if you want to go on a specific diet, if you want to support somebody else who has breast cancer, and you want to hang out with them, your survival doubles but we're not looking at that, in standard medicine.

So career well-being, social-well-being, financial well-being, community well-being, physical well being a lot included, but then when we look at physical well being we looked at things like sleep which has been ignored but in fact is the time when the body goes into self repair mechanism better than any of it.

Look at stress management, look at vital chemicals or vital nutrients which are the healthiest foods on the planet. Look at personal relationships and social interactions, in fact everyday on twitter, where I have almost 700, 000 people, I score my well being. I say my well being is 94 today.

I do it everyday, there are a few questions you answer and anything over a 70 is thriving, 40 to 70 we say is struggling, less than 40 is suffering. And we score individuals, communities businesses and even nations, and then we look at the scores and you see why Sweden and Denmark are up there and why is Togo out there and you look at everything from hospital admissions, to crime rate, to unrest we were watching the well being only in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya and we knew beforehand what was going to happen, because everything correlates with well being whether it's jobs or satisfaction of the leader or unrest in society or hospital admissions or crime rate, it all relates to well being.

This is holistic well-being, did you have to really, if you scored more than 70 in your well-being assessment, so everyday what I do is I say this is my score it's 94 if I lost 10 pounds it could be 98, okay, so that's the only thing that's missing right now and I'm pretty close to it, but then I said to my Twitter Followers which goes up by a 1000 everyday so what's your's, and I send them to the site and we are now creating global communities of well-being through our non-profit foundation, by just giving them the right information, and then I give them a daily challenge, did you get your teeth cleaned, when is the last time you had that done, because of the following reasons, okay are you on a good diet, what are you going to do today, and we engage people.

There's nothing like people wanting to be engaged and now because of the social networks I think we are seeing the extension of a new planetary mind. I think we have it with, information is the most important thing you can give to a person right now. You can have more information about what you are struggling with whether it's Parkinson's or Alzheimer's or heart disease or cancer then you are a doctor and you better because its your life its not your doctors life.