What Can I Do Every Day to Remain Centered?

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I meditate early in the morning from four to six almost two hours. I spend an hour and a half in either the gym or I walk, I carry all kinds of little gizmos that monitor my sleep and my exercise. I love my morning ritual but I'm done by about 7:30 then I'm free and available for whatever needs to be done.

My schedule gets emailed to me the night before I don't look at it, so if you ask me what are you doing tomorrow? No, I live in the present and I totally enjoy being present, that's my only time when I'm totally devoted to myself my exercise and my meditation. In the evening I do another 15 minutes of quiet meditation and before I go to sleep at night I do a little bit of reflection, how was my day and why did it go the way it went? And how do I want to see my world? And in general how do I want to see the world of the future and what's the role I can play? And that, once I see how I want to see the world in the future, not just for myself, because I'll be gone soon, but there are my children and the children of my children and if you do this right there are billion of years of evolution to come and I do not want to jeopardize that.

So I say to myself, what kind of world do I want to live in? Do I have a role? What can I do? And that keeps me going. I've never experienced fatigue.