How Can I Reverse Age-Related Damage?

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Yes. There's work now by Nobel Laureate, Elizabeth Blackburn on telomerasic activity which goes up by 30% in people who meditate regularly. We know that within about four months of change in lifestyle and the direction of good stress management, exercise, healthy emotions, good sleep, you can turn off 500 genes that influence inflammation.

You can turn on the good genes, except for those 5% we're seeing different. If you look at the bio-markers of ageing such as blood pressure, bone density, body temperature regulation, skin thickness, immune function, hormone levels, you can influence them very significantly. There's difference between biological age, psychological age, chronological age.

And I think we've just started to look at this. The fact is, that the fastest-growing segment of our population is going to be the age of 80 or 90, we don't want them all in nursing homes. My father-in-law just celebrated his 90th birthday and he still goes for a brisk walk everyday, he has no evidence of any kind of dementia.

One of my uncles was a Wimbledon quarter finalist. He played tennis into his 80s, died in his 90s in his sleep. My own father died without any morbidity. He was aware that he was dying, he wished everybody goodbye and then he closed his eyes, and he actually even winked and did this before he passed on, and these are people living in not so affluent countries, maybe affluence is the problem, that we have so much affluence that we stuff ourselves with stuff, and then we don't actually live a life.