How Can I Monitor My Health Without Increasing My Stress Levels?

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Physicians don't have time and the physicians incentive subconsciously anyway, is not to have you totally healthy, he'll be out of the job. So if you go to a surgeon you're likely to be prescribed surgery. If you go to a chemotherapist you're likely get chemotherapy whether it's indicated or not.

It`s just the way it is. I mean there are lots of studies on culture and medicine. So we have a huge industry with medical equipment, with pharmaceuticals and all that. I think we could do a much better job, if we get people's information and we didn't scare them. All our motivation right now, it comes through scary stories and that's what I realized earlier on in my career because I was scared myself, I was smoking cigarette to know drinking a bit and I was telling my patients not to be stressed and I had the same thing.

The more stress you had the more you did the thing you were not supposed to do so everybody is going, rushing about getting the cholesterol check because it's high a bit static in statains, before they do anything else. Well, fear motivated behavior actually causes more stress and may be harmful to you.

Fear motivated change in behavior. In fact a couple of studies from Sweden that show that if you could take a group of patients and you motivate them through fear stop smoking, reduce weight, exercise. These you'll control, these guys die faster because they're stressed. So my goal became how do you make this a joyful transformation? How do you make people enjoy that? And I decided that that's what I would put focus on.

I would help people change their behavior by making it a journey of transformation, a journey of exultation, a journey of, should I dare use the word ecstasy, exultation of spirit. And that the spiritual experiences that, the athletic experiences that, the artistic experiences that why can't we really realize that healing involves all of that..