Healing with Holistic Healthcare

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You know when we say holistic, let's look at the word by the way. Holistic means whole, which is the origin of the word health. Health, healing, holistic, wholeness is the same thing. So, stop trying to divide this whole thing because once you start dividing it, then you spend hundreds of years trying to establish the connection.

The way I'm looking at it with other people is the elements of holistic healing start with everything external, career well being. If you hate your job, 36% of people die on Monday morning at 9 O'Clock because they hate their jobs. Unhappiness with career is a big cause of illness.

So, I work with Galip, I'm a senior scientist at Galip, we ask people one question, do you enjoy what you're doing every day? Only 20% can say I do, okay? Are you using your strength everyday? Only 20% can say I do. Do you enjoy the person you work with, if your supervisor ignores you, your rate of disengagement goes up by 45%, and you get sick sooner or later, if he doesn't or she doesn't ignore you but actually criticizes you, you get better.

It falls to 20% because you'd rather be criticized than ignored, now you exist. You know humans have a deep need for attention, on the other hand if he knows this is your strength, your disengagement goes up to less than 1%, your health improves, and your immune system takes a boost.

Now, nobody looks at that, social well-being. How many people do you engage with that you trust every day? Do you have friends that you can rely on. In fact, if you want to lose weight, if you want to go on a specific diet, if you want to support somebody else who has breast cancer, and you hang out with them, your survival doubles, but we are not looking at that, you know and it's standard.

So, career well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, community well-being, physical well-being are included. But then we look at physical well-being, we look at things like sleep, which has been ignored, but in fact it's the time when the body goes into self-repair mechanism better than any other time.

Look at stress management, because everything correlates with well-being. Whether it's jobs, or satisfaction of the leader, or unrest in society, or hospital admissions, or crime rate, it all relates to well being. This is Holistic well-being.