Why Do We Need Families Engaged in the Conversation of Caregiving?

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For those a couple of pieces, right now people are not saving enough in general for their retirement, half of the population does to have access to save 41k or any other retirement savings to their employers, so you can't just automatically safe, and that means that half the population by the time they reach their 60s have nothing saved at all.

So we need to have a bigger saving conversation in which your need for long term care is going to be a part of it, but your other needs in retirement also is a part of it. We also need to make it easier for people to understand what this costs will be that, a lot of people try and think it's not going to happen to me, I'm probably not going to need a nursing home, I'm probably not going to need care, but as people live longer, even if it's a short or spell, many people do the probability is pretty high particularly with a couple, we're having fewer children, traditionally it was a daughter that took care of you that lived close by, our family structures have changed dramatically making it a lot more difficult to have somebody across the street that can just pop over every night and these are the social and the demographic and economic changes that we haven't even begun to have a conversation about us, the aging in our society.