What Will Make mHealth Effective for All Patients?

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What I always like to think that if mHealth is going to be successful it has to succeed in engaging with and gaining adoption with the aging population. You do see a lot of cool tools out there and people talking about, oh I downloaded these 10 apps, I use this app for this, I use this app for that, and I use this app for sleep and I'm like that's not going to work with a 75-year old woman who lives alone.

Right? A, they probably don't have an iPhone, I mean more and more are getting them but they're expensive so especially lower income ones where a lot of the health problems exist. They're not going to have those devices, they're not going to have that device and certainly not going to have the wherewithal or the knowledge to find download 10 apps.

So the concept of being able to have a very cost effective platform that you can put into their hands I think is very important, that they're going to use because it's being designed very specifically for them. It has to be easy to use, so simplicity, it has to be easy to see, it has to be easy to hear, it has to be easy to hold and it has to come with the ability to get in touch with live people.

So apps that are developed with some guy in the garage and don't have that infrastructure behind them, that safety privacy, insecurity and actual customer service agent if you have a problem, that's going to hard to get adoption in that older segment of the population.