What Has Allowed mHealth Devices to Evolve?

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I'd say there's a couple of different pieces of technology, that are very important. First of all, the whole wireless infrastructure, makes it much easier. So working with partiners like our partners Verizon so they worked with us to open up their network so we could use their wireless network to provide these solutions that are kind of customized solutions maybe not something they launch for their whole base, but we work to create that solution.

So everything that's going on in that wireless world is it's huge. And then secondly these devices touch screen, large touch screens with very easy tube program languages like android. So we can do a lot of things very quickly and innovate very quickly with some of these new technologies, so something that maybe years ago, would take us two years to develop and bring to market on a custom platform, now we can source a handset right software that integrates with our backing systems and get a product market in six months.