Is Our Healthcare System Broken?

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I'd say complicated rather than broken, I think that you're seeing a lot of change. So right now there is a lot of different providers out there, the hospital groups that you're seeing more switching to more payment models that are going to be aligned with actual outcomes basically what that means is for a specific patient, they're paid a total amount to take care of that person.

So now all of a sudden instead of being paid for I've come to the hospital because I am sick and then you gave me services and I paid you, now it becomes, I'm going try to work with you to keep you out of the hospital because I'm getting paid the same amount, no matter what, whether you need my services or not, so I actually make more money and if you're healthy and you don't come into my hospital.

So I think as it changes you're seeing the moment and change, it's still in their early stages but as that changes that's going to change a lot because you could call it broken, well, that's the fix. If the providers are now more engaged on in getting compensated for what goes on in between the doctors visits, what goes on between things going wrong it solves a lot of problems.