How Will Physicians Manage All This Data from Consumer Health Technology?

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One way to do it is with algorithms to pass out the data, so that basically there is only somebody involved when they need to be. But I agree with you it's going to be overwhelming. And that why our vision is to put a lot of this back to the consumer and their family. And ultimately, that's going to be the best way for the health care system.

So you would have algorithms that are setting alarms, maybe the first line of defence is the aging consumers family, and then second line of defence is the Processional Healthcare System. And by doing that, because there are so many things that we can help with, and by driving that interaction, by the way, it just helps the aging consumer to begin with.

More connectivity, more interaction, more engagement with the family is going to do a lot of great things for the actual outlook, which up the aging consumer and ultimately the positive outlook is what rise a lot of health issues. So as soon as that positive outlook starts deteriorating and loneliness sets in, and any kind of depression, then that starts to lead to more physical ailments.