How Do You Know What Consumers Want Out of Health Technology?

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That's a very big secret on how to do it right, isn't it? It's basics. We use a lot of what we call lean start up methodologies now which is a lot of one on one consumer interviews. One thing we've learned over time is that focus groups just dry group think is very difficult to work with, whereas sitting down and having conversation, putting technology in front of people, having a real conversation with somebody about what they'd find useful, putting product demos in their hands, minimum viable products, having them use those and just watching them and seeing what they like and what they don't like, talking to their family members, and really taking those conclusions out in that way.

And then the other way is by actually doing. So, again with fast innovation and with the ability to do test advertising through the internet or mobile advertising, you can actually create things, put them out there and that's the best way to know is let the market respond, and take that data and decide OK do I have to throw completely out, do I modify it, do I modify the message? I mean it's very complex ecosystems.

So sometimes the product is fine but the way you are talking about it isn't and sometimes the product is in great, so you got a completely stack up.