How Can We Get More People to Use Body Sensors and Health Data Devices?

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I don't think it'll happen unless we make it completely, completely almost transparent and easy to use. That's the big thing. The reason people don't like to do is it's a pain in the butt, right. Who wants to sit there and connect devices and record information and do all those things? But if it can be seamless where you don't even know, you don't have to strap a thing on your arm, that it's there, maybe it's a pill you've swallowed and that's it.

You've swallowed pellets sitting in there, and it's taking all the information, and getting it to where it needs to go and the only thing that happens is your jitterbug beats once in a while and says, you should know what you have just done because that had a positive impact on your outcomes.

Well that is easy. That's not a problem, so people can actually adopt a technology like that.