Does mHealth Put a Burden on the Consumer to Manage Their Own Health?

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Yes it absolutely is used and you're seeing that at the employers today. So I'm the CEO of a company, and in our company now, if you go and get yourself your matrix, get your blood test and get your matrix totally private all on you I don't see anything I see aggregated number.

So I see how the population of my company is doing but then you get a discount on your actual insurance cost. So what we're trying to do is put that accountability back into people and you're seeing more and more companies do that because the first step is to just know what's going on with your body, right? You can just go and get a blood test.

It's amazing how many people don't know OK and may be they have early onset of diabetes or something else that they real should in there getting more test on because they could have some early stages of cancer and they don't know and the longer that goes on without them knowing obviously the more cost involved in solving a problem.

So the goal is get people more aware, get them engaged I think particularly you're seeing employers start to drive on.