Are Patients Too Willing to Share Information Over Social Media?

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I think there is a big difference between sharing information about, I have a flu or I'm doing this with a group of friends and having the ability of somebody to out there find out that you have a chronic disease and may be an employer's going to hold that against you as they look at that if that information is freely and available out there.

You're paid to think that, but it's probably there's going to be people that are going do it and I think you have to be very careful with that. Now, I think a lot of things are changing with the pre-existing condition with ObamaCare coming in, with a lot of pre-existing condition stuff going away maybe it's not as critical anymore because that's something that you could come in if you had a chronic disease and you're getting hired by an employer and now they have to cover you either way.

The insurance is going to cover you whether you had a chronic disease or not, when you came in. Whereas in the past, that wouldn't be the case if you had a serious chronic illness it might not be covered for that illness if you joined the company with it.