Where Are We In the Arc of Genome Sequencing?

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We have a long way to go, I think we're still on the upward curve in understanding what it all means, because again cancer is an example, a systems biology disease, there are so many factors that contribute to driving tumor growth, that we're just scratching the surface, and as we peel the onion back, there is always another layer, always another layer, it's a lot like driving from Los Angeles to San Diego, to this hotel, if I'm in downtown LA, there are so many different ways including taking a boat out of LA harbor to get here.

If one way is blocked, I still have hundreds of other ways to get here, so the question is, as we discover one way that tumor growth is fueled and we block it, that tumor mutates and has another form that's fueling it. We need to really understand all of the important pathways that fuel tumor growth and that characterization still has a long way to go.