When Did Personalized Treatment Begin In the Field of Oncology?

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Breast cancer was really where the first breakthrough took place, with the characterization of the HER2 gene and it's expression alongside the development of herceptin therapy, women today who express HER2 receive herceptin therapy while not all of them benefit about 30% of women who express the HER2 benefit, the benefits are extremely positive, so yes really understanding the genetic component, now HER2 also expresses in gastric cancers so utilizing the same HER2 inhibitors, that are today used in breast cancer is now being used in gastric cancers.

We are identifying HER2 expression in lung tumors. So how do lung tumors responds to these anti-HER2 therapies is another area of experiment. So we're finding that pathways that are activated in solar-tumors transcend the location of the side of the tumor no longer is it necessary to have a a side of origin per say is characterized in the pathway and the different components related to that tumor that are more important.