What Is the Biggest Challenge Ahead In Healthcare?

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Well purely from a business perspective, it seems to be a race to the bottom in terms of cost. Everybody's so quick to try to drive down cost all of a sudden these businesses how viable are they, so I think we need to be more responsible in how we manage the the affordability. Affordability is critically important, but racing to the bottom isn't necessarily the right way to go.

The right way to go is to demonstrate the health economic benefits to the payers, and ensure that the payers understand the value and the health economic value of these technologies and then appropriately provide reimbursement support, that's number one. The second is the responsible utilization of this information.

Think about it we are now understanding characterizing people's genetic profile and for years, people have worried about and being concerned and about that. I think if we design programs to ensure the responsible use of that genetic information or opportunity to impact health and well being is significant.

Everything from prenatal screen to new born screening to tumor identification and characterization, the opportunities are significant but again it requires a lot of responsibility on our part to properly implement these technologies.