What Does the Integration of Genetic Testing Into Digital Health Products Look Like?

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Well for technologies what it looked like this last October we acquired a company called [xx] out of the University of Michigan which is an entity that has taken all the publicly available databases on tumor sequencing and tumor genetics. Curated that against all of the published data and developed one of the worlds largest databases of tumor characterization, so that as we're sequencing tumors, that data is synthesized to that compending/g engine and we can match up through what we now call an action ability index the different abnormalities with either known therapy, a therapy that is in development, a clinical trial or potential therapy that's working in breast cancer that might be effective in gastric.

And that then is being simplicized into a portal that we're developing, that when a position orders a test from for example our for lab or a partner lab when they're getting those results, they're having access to a portal where they can synthesize that data through that bowel informatics engine, and then use that information to sit with a patient, walk through their diagnosis, walk through their genetic make up and then walk through these targeted therapies.

And then we're also using that as I alluded to before to go to bio-firm and say we can screen patient populations of newly diagnosed tumors, library that information, run it through our database and begin to develop pools of patient populations who would be potentially participants in a clinical trial that you might develop.