What Can Physicians Do If a New Technology Has No Practical Application?

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Let's say for example you have a test that screens for 400 different genes, and you find mutations in ten of them that currently are not actionable, that's exactly what the physician looks at that report and says now what do I do? They are confounded because they know now what to do, and there is nothing they can do, the question is how do you potentially again library that so that when opportunities come up to act on that, that patient can then be re-encountered? But unfortunately in cancer patients typically won't necessarily be around to realize the benefits, so what we are trying to do today is develop targeted panels that do have action-ability associated with them today so that when that information is provided it is truly actionable.

And weeding out stuff that we have no idea what it does or doesn't mean. But once we discover what it means, then building that into an expanded panel. I think a lot of responsibility is required as we are developing the utility of this different technologies, rather than racing to the whole piece, race toward what you can actually utilize today, to have a positive impact on patient care.