Is Privacy a Big Issue In Genetic Sequencing?

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Well, again my dad died of metastatic colon cancer at the age of 62. So, clearly while I have not been tested for the genetic hereditary gene for colon cancer. I'm being screened every five years, and now my oncologist or my GI doctor has asked me to come back every three years. Because I do have a family history.

Well, I may or may not harbor the genetic gene. I'm taking appropriate steps. So, if somebody were to research, my medical history they would see that I had a first degree relative who died at 62 of colon cancer. Could that be used against me. Well, I think the responsible use of these genetic information is exactly what I'm doing.

I'm taking proactive steps to ensure that I'm not a victim of colon cancer, and as my GI doctor told me David if you follow what I'm telling you to do over the course of your life, you won't die of colon cancer, and I believe him, and I'm taking those steps so far so good.