Is It Difficult to Design Drugs For Personalized Medicine?

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Well right now one of the biggest problems that drug companies have is when they discover a particular bio marker that they hypothesized is going to be effective against a particular tumor type and a particular mutation, it's recruiting patients into a trial to verify. So with the technology that we now have to sequence the genome, we can take populations of patients and screen them all, take that genetic information and categorize it and then match it up to different projects with pharma companies and rather than it taking three years to recruit a pool of patients for a trial, we can now do it in a year.

So the value is the ability to recruit patients much more quickly because now we can characterize across the entire genome and then library that data, utilize other health information relative to that patient and then match it up to a specific drug trial and the drug companies are extremely excited about this as you would imagine, but so are the community based oncology clinics who are seeing the majority of these patients.

It's an opportunity for them more quickly to get patients enrolled in trials, and it's also an opportunity for them to a large degree, help move this therapy a long much more quickly.