What's the Future of Cancer Treatment?

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I see us starting to treat this disease in a complex system I started trying to change the whole cancer doesn't want to grow anymore, like that experiment I told you about where you strengthen the bone and decreases the recurrence of breast cancer, so I noble out of the box ways to approach it.

I think that's how we have to think. Cancer will matter-size to the liver in some cases because it likes to like in the liver so, what's in combat for us, to change that soil so the cancer won't let to eat there anymore, I think that is the challenge. Remember the old days we thought we waited too long the day the blood vessels got out, it turn out to be wrong and almost all cases, the day before someone cures them with surgery, you find cancer cells they have the blood just find biology to live outside that tumor or they don't, and so that's the function of biology and that is the function of the system which can be margin rate-able and changed over time.