What Are the Most Important Advances In Cancer Treatment?

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Certainly in some cancers, we're doing better in terms of prevention. Right? We're smoking less in our country which is a God sent, and we'll certainly decrease the death from lung cancer, until recently we're screening for prostrate cancer with PSA testing, what we started screening almost 20 years ago, the death risk fall off 45%.

Unfortunately this week, people called in to question the value of screening for really data that didn't make a lot of sense. Breast cancer mammography has started to save lives by screening, well those are prevention signs. Well on the treatment side, we had some wins like chronic mylagias leukemia CML one pill a day with almost no side effect takes almost a hundred [xx] patients into remission, and it's remarkable and it targets the molecular abnormality in the cancer, and there are a couple of wins like that but the global picture, we're not that much better.